I am a writer

Well here it is folks.

After years of obfuscation, avoidance, mind changing and trying to fit into places I don’t belong, I am a writer.

I have been a server, a bartender, a coat check girl, a go-go dancer.  I have been a tarot card reader, an herb mixer, a witch and a world traveller.  I have been a ghost hunter, an adventurer, a gamer, a nerd.  I have been a corporate event planner, a game designer, a producer and an accountant.  And through it all, I have been a writer.

When I was a child I wrote stories and journals endlessly.  When I was a traveller I didn’t take pictures, instead choosing to write about my adventures.  I still remember the long bus rides through the hills of Peru and the deserts of Egypt.  I would gaze out the window and scribble poetically in my journal, describing sunsets in foreign lands.  Now, as I approach 30 I am a few weeks away from completing my first novel and I have a second one waiting to be written.  I have joined a writing group, read voraciously and find myself being drawn to writing more and more.  So the time has come for me to say with certainty: I am a writer.

In order to make it official though, I thought I blog was in order.  Here is the place I can share old writing, new writing and book reviews.  Here I can test the waters, ask for feedback and invite other writers to chat.  I will endeavor to post something every day and as I have recently signed up for a daily ‘writing prompt’ at sarahselecky.com, I will at least make a point to share whatever comes from that.  Please feel free to join in, be inspired and post your own work if you feel the desire!

So here it is:  I am a writer and these are my Happy Musings…

8 thoughts on “I am a writer”

  1. H appy to meet you I have been a fb friend to your father for a while now and have enjoyed his take on yhe world a lot .Since the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree I am sure I will enjoy you as much at least!!! Happy writting my dear !!

  2. Wonderful BLOG! I am a FB friend of your dad and it is really true that the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree! You will do just fine, of that I have no doubt! Please let us know when your first novel is released. I would love to read it!

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