The Supermarket


The Prompt (from sarahselecky.com): Write a scene that involves pickled carrots and supermarket eggs.

The Supermarket

The eggs fell.

One by one in a curious pattern they dropped to the ground.

I watched them as they fell and they reminded me of childhood.  For easter my mother used to buy us chocolate eggs from laura secord.  They had thin chocolate shells and gooey egg-like centers made entirely of a thick sugary substance.  My mom used to slice them for us and I remember the smoothness of the candy egg slab on my tongue.  I was so small and the easter eggs were so big they would give me a stomach ache if I ate too much.  I always ate too much.

I watched the broken eggs spread onto the tiled floor and I thought of easter and my mother and my childhood.

Then I moved on to the pickled carrots.

They reminded me of summer at the cottage.  The briny water seeping from the jar was like the water of the lake where I used to pretend mermaids lived.

That story was cut short though, as the security guard came to take me away.

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