This Flight Tonight


The Challenge (from CBC’s Canada Writes): Tell us about a song that changed your life.

Note: I was recognized as a ‘pick of the day’ in this challenge!

This Flight Tonight

Look out the left the captain said…

It was the dead of night, on the first night I arrived in that distant land.  Far away from everything I knew.  Shrouded in shadow, heart pounding, I was caught up in the thrill of adventure.  I clung to my foam sword and hid behind my duct-tape shield, hoping they would keep the monsters at bay, as the moon lingered behind a cloud offering only a meager slice of light in the black.

The lights down there, that’s where we’ll land…

He saw me first, catching a glimpse of my golden hair glowing like starlight in the halo of the fire’s slow burn.  He told me later he was dazzled and the thought still makes me weak in the knees.  Lost in a foreign land, surrounded on all sides by elves and goblins and ghouls.  Love had found it’s way into my life.

Saw a falling star burning…

When the sun finally chased away the chill of the night we met again on the path to the inn.  His chain mail gleamed in the morning light.  He smiled at me and from that moment on refused to leave my side.  Chivalry, apparently, was not dead.

High above the Las Vegas sand…

As the weekend drew to a close, we had been drawn together in the heat of battle, the fight for good and the desire to make all the wrong in this strange fantasy land right.  He fell to his knee in the light of the noonday sun and pledged his sword to me.  It was an epic union, the stuff of myth and legend.  Then he asked my name.  My real one.  I told him, it was Star.

Starbright, starbright, you’ve got the lovin’ that I like…

When we returned to the city, far from the bloodied fields of make-believe, he sent me the song.  This Flight Tonight by Nazareth.  Boys had sent me songs before, vague lilting melodies of simpering affection, but none had sent me classic rock.  As I listened my heart beat faster.

Sometimes I think that love is just mythical…

What started out as a game in the forest turned into almost three years of blissful marriage and counting.  What started out as a simple song turned into a love ballad that will live forever in our hearts.

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