Chiaroscuro Reading Night


Last night Ben and I attended the Chiaroscuro Reading Night.  It is a speculative fiction reading that takes place at the Augusta House every second Wednesday of the month.  It was cool to see a bunch of like minded people all together in one place, listening to stories.  I love reading other speculative fiction.  It inspires me and gives Ben and I the chance to break other stories down and discuss them (as opposed to just doing that for my own work).  Overall it was a great, social environment that was relaxed and accessible.  Although I am a bit of a noob, I introduced myself to the host and he was very cool, trying to give me tips and hints and letting me know about other things I could do to get involved in the writing scene.
Although we enjoyed listening to the other authors read their pieces, the highlight of the night for us, definitely had to be Kari Maaren.  She was the musical entertainment and she was hilarious!  Her songs were well written and fantastically funny.

We will definitely be returning to this event next month and if you are in Toronto the second Wednesday of the month at any point, we highly recommend it!

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