Kick Judgement’s Ass


I was writing a story the other day and I just wrote.  I didn’t think about it too much, I just let my fingers move across the keyboard.  I imagined I was painting or playing a piece on the piano.  I didn’t judge what I was doing, I just did it.

I was so excited I didn’t stop until it was over and I had a bit of my soul sitting there in front of me, raw and beautiful.

The more I write the more I learn what it means to tell a story and better yet, I’m learning to kick judgement’s ass.

I want my writing to be real, I want to be unfettered and lose myself in the flow of it all.  When a good story comes to me I don’t want to shy away from it and that comes only from a complete lack of judgement about the piece.  If you sit there in worry and doubt about yourself, your abilities or your feelings, you’ll lose that vital thing which makes a story truly and authentically you.

You are not anyone else and that is an incredibly valuable thing when it comes to telling a story.  No matter what, your influence is always the thing that makes your writing unique and to deny that is to deny yourself as an artist.  So don’t judge, just let it flow.

After you write you can take a closer look, but don’t be hindered by doubts and corrections along the way.  Write until it’s finished and then go back and correct for errors, mumbles and cliché (unless of course you are striving for cliché).

Don’t judge your voice, because it’s you.  All the mistakes, all the pain and all the wonder you’ve experienced in your life is what colours your art and the sum of all those experiences expressed is the most valuable thing you have.

Tell me about your experiences with judgement, doubt and uncertainty.

Then tell me how you kicked its ass and found your voice.

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