My greatest victory yet

I’ve been self employed for over five years now.

That means no bosses, no office grind, no stumbling into the cold dark mornings, bleary and sucking back caffeine in a hopeless effort to stay awake.

Ah yes, it’s a self employed life for me.

I’ve always been prone to the idea of self employment.  Maybe it’s because my Dad was a freelancer for most of my life and the idea of having my own home office was just normal.  Maybe it was all the alternative schooling, where I was encouraged to do my own personal and professional development and therefore started an event planning company in grade eleven which consisted of throwing raves for charity. Oh the black lights!  Oh the DJs!  Oh the using school as an excuse to party hard and have a good time!

It all sounds easy and lovely doesn’t it?

Well it’s not all black lights and pounding bass.

Self employment is a tough gig if you can hack it.  It’s a slow and steady race to build a core group of clients who believe in you and can trust that you will do the work and do it well.  It’s not just about being good at what you do (in my case writing and in Ben’s case video editing), it’s about doing a little bit of everything.  That includes doing the accounting (the hateful accounting), making cold calls (how terribly awkward), marketing yourself in every possible way and sometimes holding your breath and hoping that the famine will turn into feasting before you starve.  It can be stressful and tough and it’s certainly not for everyone.  But at the end of the day Ben and I get to spend our days together, we get to meet some pretty awesome people (some of whom we are lucky enough to call our clients) and people pay us to do what we love.

We sacrifice job security for freedom.

We give up benefits for self-governance.

We hang in there when times are tough and work hard when we can, all because we love what we do and we want to do it on our own terms.

I’ve been self employed for over five years now and I can definitely say it’s one of my best achievements so far.

What’s your greatest victory, your finest success?

* * *

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