People think I’m…

‘People think I’m…’

That’s the title of today’s blog challenge.  This is the moment I realize it’s not called challenge for nothing.

If I always knew exactly what people really thought about me I’d either be really happy or really sad.  I mean, we can only really guess can’t we?  Guess and hope and sometimes find some good honest people who we put our trust into and believe they mean what they say.  That’s life.

I’ve always had a pretty polarizing effect on people.  Love me or hate me, not much in between.  It’s probably because I have a bit of a big mouth and I’m full of ideas and excitement and sometimes bluster.  But I like to think the world can handle me.  Sure, sharing yourself opens you up to all sorts of crap, but getting to know people and trusting them is just part of the adventure.

Maybe my desire to put myself out there is part of the reason I love writing so much.  People say it’s a solitary pursuit and to a certain degree it is, what art isn’t?  But once you’re done the writing part there is so much more to being a writer than just the writing.  It’s sharing a bit of who you are with the world and then one definitely gets the chance to see what people think of you and your art (because they say it on Amazon).  People make it personal don’t they?  If they don’t like your story they feel betrayed, if they love it they think you are the greatest.  It’s a cognitive bias we have as humans that leaves us with a certain difficulty in separating the art from the artist, people from their actions in the moment.  It can be a blessing and a curse.

But now I’m just avoiding the point aren’t I?

People think I’m…

A bitch
A keener

It’s a lot of things to be and I’m pretty sure I’m all of those sometimes…who isn’t?  We all have different sides of ourselves and different circumstances that bring those things out.  Sure some people are nastier than others and some people are sweeter, but we’re all just people and everyone will see things differently.

So as much as I’d like to say I don’t care what people think of me, I do. I think we all do (well maybe not the sociopaths/psychopaths), but there is nothing much I can do about how people perceive me other than to be myself and continue to strive for awesomeness!

How do people see you?  Does it matter?

* * *

This is a post for www.writesofluid.com’s blog writing challenge.  One blog post a day for all of June!  Check it out at the website or on twitter: @sofluid or #wpad!

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