My Optimal Atmosphere


Here’s a little known fact about me.  I’m a mover.

A spider at heart, I typically move once a year, tearing down my web and rebuilding somewhere else.  And if I don’t?  I get restless.  It’s horrible.  If you’ve ever felt the itch to travel or to leave your job and join the circus, you’ll know how I feel when the moving fever sweeps over me.  I yearn for everything I haven’t got.  All the things that seemed quaint and quirky when I first moved in become unbearable.  The leaks drip louder, the floors creak more and the chipping paint on the walls becomes my existential crisis.

I long for a clean slate.  I crave change and newness of environment.

In the past six years I have lived in six different places.  It’s great, but I do have one major regret.

Like any good spider, I like my bed to be aloft, in some small corner, preferably only accessible by ladder.  I love ladders and high ceilings and bright colours and lots of light.  I also love a lack of neighbours.  I love the idea that I am alone in my space, far away from anyone else.  I mean, if I wanted people I would just go outside right?

So I love a loft.  Even more so, I love a loft that is not in a typical loft building and that’s what I had for one sweet, beautiful year.  See that picture up there?  That’s my old place, that thing up the ladder?  My bed.  We called it the cloud and I loved that place best of all the places I have ever lived (there was another storage loft opposite to the bed).  Working there was a pleasure, living there was a wonder.  It was bright (skylit), interesting, spacious and best of all it was in a building that was an office, so I only had one neighbouring apartment and it happened to be vacant for most of the time I lived there.  It was perfection.  My optimal atmosphere.  It was in the heart of downtown and I long for it to this day.

If I didn’t love the beaches so much I would move back there in a heart beat.  The only downfall?  A tiny window provided low air flow and the water pressure sucked.  But for the joy of living in such a perfect place, it was worth it.  I didn’t know it then, but I do now.

So my optimum atmosphere is something new.  I hate staying in one place for too long (which makes buying a house seem like a claustrophobic nightmare), but if I had my way, my next succession of apartments would be non-stop lofts, with wide open spaces, colourful walls and beds that hang in the corner like a spider’s web.

What’s your dream place?

* * *

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