What makes me cry?


I cry a lot.

At the drop of a hat really.

Sometimes it’s kind of embarrassing and sometimes I find it hinders conversation because people tend to get distracted or take you less seriously if you randomly cry.

But we all have our issues right?

So what’s the main thing that gets the tears flowing?

Sadness is all well and good, but the thing that really gets to me is sweetness.  The heart warming stuff makes my heart ache.  I absolutely refused to watch WALL-E for ages until I was finally convinced and sobbed through half the damn movie.  I also cried from start to finish through March of the Penguins, it was actually unbelievable, I think I was dehydrated by the time the movie was over.

It’s a shame really, because I love heart warming stories.  I love glimpses of human kindness in action and when people do things that are just plain nice.  I love kindness, but I hate crying.  It gives me a headache (which is the worst), makes me all snotty and is generally pretty embarrassing.  But I still subject myself to the greatness of the world, heart warming movies, triumphs of the spirit, a video Ben edited for the Toronto Wildlife Center about animal rehab, yup I watch it all.

Sadness also makes me cry but to a somewhat lesser extent, which is weird.  I guess it all just depends on how it’s approached though.  When it comes to stories, I have to be invested in the characters and the writing in order to feel something.  If something is really poorly written (in my opinion) it will be way harder to get those tears streaming.

Overall, although I hate the actual experience of crying, it usually means I’m watching a good show/reading a good book if I’m brought to tears and that makes it worth all the headaches in the world.

How about you?  What makes you cry?

* * *

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