Being married is like writing a book


Being married is like writing a book.

And I absolutely love it.

It’s an incredible rush, a careful negotiation, a perfect balance of creativity and rational thinking, a massive dedication. It’s the reason I want to get up in the morning, a leap of faith, the thing that keeps you company, an occasional frustration that has you banging your head against a wall until you sit down and use your words in the best possible way.  It’s a story to be told, a lusty encounter, a conversation partner that never leaves your side.  It’s an unbelievable adventure, a joyful process, a structure for your otherwise chaotic mind.  It’s that wonderful feeling of knowing you’ve accomplished something, the nerve-wracking thrill of putting one foot in front of another.  It’s a promise kept, an oath maintained, a deep desire to get it right and create the most meaningful moments imaginable.

Being married is like writing a book.

It’s awesome, scary, lovely, sweet, hard and completely worth every last word.

I absolutely love it.

Happy anniversary Ben, you are the best husband ever.

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