Getting Published!


A few years back (okay maybe more like ten) I was published in a magazine.  I sent in my story with my SASE and I didn’t hold my breath.  I was young and intrepid and probably high with absolutely no aspirations of being an actual writer.  I had written a bunch of stories about my world travels and so I wanted to see one in print.  When they told me I would be published I didn’t rejoice, but I was happy.  I didn’t jump up and down or hug anyone because it was just a nice thing to have happen, but it wasn’t the be all and end all.

I didn’t know what I was onto then with my very first publication.

Fast-forward to today.  Years later I have finally given up all the false starts I have had career-wise and decided that I want to actually (for reals) be a writer.  Now I have spreadsheets full of magazines and files full of stories to send out in the hopes I will be chosen.  I have a book I am about to send to potential agents and (after about six months of submitting my short stories to magazines in earnest) I got the news on Thursday that I would be published for not one but two of my pieces.  One short story to an online publication and a poem to an anthology.
When I was told I was going to be published this time I did jump up and down.  I did hug my husband and run around a little with excitement.  This time (with queries going out for my first novel on Monday) getting published means something big.  It means someone read my arrangement of words on a page and decided they liked the cut of its jib.  It’s a pretty cool feeling.  It’s also cool to know that at some point soon some random strangers will also be reading my words and deciding if they like them.

I like the idea of publication for so many reasons, but the best is that people who might not otherwise get to read my words will be able to do so.  People who don’t know me will get a chance to peer into my brain and being as I love knowing what’s going on in other people’s brains (if I could read minds I would be pretty excited about it), I think that’s amazing.

When things are more official I will definitely announce when and where you can read my published works, in the meantime I will continue on my journey to get more words out there for the world to see!

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