The Big 3-0!


The other day I got carded for a lottery ticket.  Yup, someone thought I was 18.  Joke’s on them, I’m 30!  The big 3-0!  I made it!  I’ve done some crazy things and lived a heck of a lot for my 30 years young.

People seem to think 30 is a pretty big deal, a milestone, the crossing over from youth into glorious maturity.  So I guess that calls for some reflection and because I love lists, I thought I would make one (in no particular order) of all the crazy things that I have done before 30.

• Met my soulmate
• Got a sword presented to me by a cleric (my soulmate)
• Got whisked away to a surprise elopement (again…soulmate)
• Lived happily ever after (YAY!)
• LARPed
• Got my throat slit in game (by my soulmate)
• Saw the sun rise through Stone Henge on the summer solstice
• Stayed awake for three days straight, dancing
• Climbed Macchu Pichu on no food, sick at 3am
• Played my flute on top of Macchu Pichu
• Sat at the base of the Great Pyramids (also played my flute)
• Took a feluca down the River Nile
• Hitchhiked from Milan to Rome (not in a day)
• Slept on the beach in Italy and looked at the stars with a New Zealander (hi Hamish)
• Hitchhiked through Scotland and got whisked away to a highland cottage (thanks Annie)
• Made (hopefully) the biggest mistakes of my life
• Apologized for the biggest mistakes of my life
• Fell in love with a woman twice my age
• Got whipped (TMI?)
• Got wedding ring tattoos (not related to the whipping)
• Moved to Thunder Bay
• Moved back a week later
• Slept in a graveyard
• Made camp in an airport
• Got high on all kinds of drugs
• Slept in a public bathroom (it was clean-ish and they kicked us out)
• Wrote a book (trying to get published)
• Go notified of my first official publication (coming soon)
• Decided to be a game designer
• Ran a LARP
• Decided to be an event planner (went to college for it)
• Realized my true calling (to be a writer)
• Began to pursue my true calling
• Orgy! (definitely TMI)
• Suffered depression and anxiety (took even more drugs)
• Escaped the worst situation I’ve ever been in (and hopefully ever will)
• Talked to a tree (thank you mushrooms)
• Married a constellation (Orion – I married him in Egypt in a hot spring in the desert at night – more of a spiritual thing and Ben knows about it so no worries)
• Ended up in a hospital in Peru (note to everyone, don’t do that)
• Broke into a graveyard for a ritual
• A million rituals of various complexity in various locations
• Danced naked in a thunderstorm in a ravine
• Went from being a believer hippy to a science loving atheist/agnostic
• Changed my name
• Got a tattoo (actually 10)
• Created many scavenger hunts for birthdays etc…
• Saved some animals (thanks Toronto Wildlife Centre)
• Hugged some trees
• Broke hearts
• Was a total bitch
• Was an awesome friend
• Was a great wife (still am hopefully)
• Had so many spiritual revelations I have lost count
• Read animal cards (learned cold reading)
• Took a university Psych class
• Had lots of arguments (even won some of them)
• Wrote half of my second novel
• Married into a new (awesome) family
• Witnessed a chair burning (pictured above is a good symbol for my birthday – fuck sitting, let’s stand up and rock this living thing!)
• Kissed many dogs noses
• Pet a few cats (I need more cats in my life apparently)
• Loved and lost two lizards and two dogs
• Kick started my career as a freelance writer
• Became a video producer
• Made lots of fun videos with my honey/soulmate
• Won some medals for being a kick ass figure skater
• Been self employed and loving it for at least six years
• Reconnected with a long lost aunt (hi Joy!)
• Embraced the hell out of my bisexuality
• Co-invented the Micradvntr (we did it before Vine, I swear)
• Partied hardy
• Was a go-go dancer
• Was a fortune telling server
• Smiled a lot
• Cried a lot (I cry when things are happy too so sometimes I was smiling and crying)
• Wished for an end to work and got a blackout
• Made friends with goblins
• Got hired
• Got fired (I’m better off self employed)
• Made people laugh
• Discovered the meaning of life a couple of times
• Loved every minute of this awesome ride (even the minutes I have hated I have now come to love/respect)

I’m sure there’s more, but those are just the highlights.

You should try making your own list sometime for a birthday, or if you’re feeling blue, it’s a great way to remind yourself how much living you’ve done and how much more you have to do!

Have a super awesome day, I know I will!

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