Story Notes – Dear Agnes


My story ‘Dear Agnes’ was published today in Grim Corps.  It’s a wonderful web magazine with some fantastic stories and amazing art.

To read my full story, you can head over to the Grim Corps website and download the magazine in Kindle, E-Pub or .PDF format.

Although a story can certainly stand on it’s own, I’ve included a little ‘about the story’ section below because from a writer’s perspective I personally like to know where a story comes from.

Spoiler Alert:  Although there are no specifics below, there are thematic spoilers.  So if you want to read the story with fresh eyes save the ‘about’ section for after.

About Dear Agnes

Looking back on my life I realize I’ve done a lot.  Now, as a writer I have the opportunity to tell those crazy, sometimes dangerous stories of my life.  I have in the past told told many of my stories as they happened, in a memoir fashion, but I prefer to mix them into fiction because it gives me the opportunity to explore my own stories from a different perspective.

In Dear Agnes I chose to write about my journey to Egypt and some of the experiences I had there.  I wanted to write from the perspective of a woman traveling alone in the 20’s to give it a Lovecraft feel and to allow myself to imagine what it might be like to be myself (in a way) in a different time.  I found it exciting and intriguing to see some of my own experiences through Rosemary’s eyes.

I also wanted to write about the relationship between two sisters, in retrospect perhaps to illustrate the slow degradation of my relationship with my brother when I went through serious and psyche altering changes of my own.

I like writing about the line between magic and madness and specifically leaving the bits in between open to interpretation because life is so often left open to interpretation.  I think that’s the thing I truly love about magic realism.  We are always (and will perhaps always be) searching for answers to the mysteries of life, but the things that matter most are often not the mysteries themselves, but the effects they have on our lives and our relationships.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave critiques in the comments, I’m always open to suggestion and speculation!

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