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Story Notes: Insomnia

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My story ‘Insomnia’ was published recently in Gone Lawn Issue 16. I’m so excited to read the work of the other contributors, it is a fabulous publication and I was thrilled to be included.

To read the story just head on over to Gone Lawn and check it out!

Because I love to know about the origins of a story from the writer’s perspective, I thought I would share some notes about this story with you.

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers in the story notes below. So if you want to read the story with fresh eyes check it out first at Gone Lawn before reading the notes.

About ‘Insomnia’

Guess what? I wrote this story as a result of insomnia!

I don’t suffer (thankfully) from insomnia very often, but when I do it’s terrible (obviously). I’m a big sleeper, I love dreaming and I sleep for possibly too many hours (at the very least until 10am everyday). So when I can’t sleep I immediately start to lose my mind.

I guess in this case it was a good thing, because this story just started happening to me. As I lay in bed in the dark trying to sleep I just imagined myself splitting in half and it was kind of terrifying and kind of exciting in a large, existential sort of way. As the sleepless nights continued everything became more and more anonymous feeling, empty and dreamy. It felt like I was walking around in a painting, everything was art—completely still and laced with obscure meaning.

I don’t enjoy playing the tortured writer card, but in this case the torment of sleeplessness paid off and actually produced something productive.

And now I’m off to take a nap.

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