Happy Solstice!


Today we celebrate winter, but also the warmth slowly returning to us. After this night we reach for the sun as it spends more and more of its precious time with us. We are lucky to be here and I hope on this day everyone is resting, keeping warm and doing something that makes them happy. Today Ben and I had a solstice feast, walked on the beach, renewed our shrine and lit a yellow candle to honor the sun.

Here’s a piece I wrote back in 2006 before I knew I wanted to be a writer, when my life was far more dramatic but not always in a good way. I’m so happy to be where I am now and I hope you are too.

Dusk Solstice Song

Thank you beautiful biology for your infinite twisting and turning and creation of ever-shifting patterns.

Thank you night for your perfect placement of cradle crescent moon.

Thank you brave stars, for shining bright against the pale blue backdrop of sky.

Thank you sun, for your wild descent casting colors of ecstasy over the distant city.

Thank you clouds for your lines like the strokes of an impatient painter’s brush and your billowing brothers who hang in drifting glory like pillows in the sky.

Thank you endless lake for your ceaseless desire to unite with the shore, curling and lapping in a cacophony of soothing sounds.

Thank you trees for your bare limbs that reach ever upwards in an effort to kiss the weak winter sun as it drifts hastily overhead.

Thank you winter wind for your unforgiving nature that bombards my lungs with frosty oxygen, slightly stinging.

Thank you bluest of blues that comes with thrills and chills of pleasure as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Thank you living earth for your endless motion that brings comfort and protection from the infinity of the unknown.

Thank you world for having me, upon you I stand with pride and the depth of great emotion that remains in itself a heart breaking, beautiful mystery.

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