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Story Notes: Honey & Rye


My story ‘Honey & Rye’ was published this week at Klipspringer Magazine. It’s a beautiful magazine and I was so honoured to be included in the ‘Circularity’ issue.

To read the story just head on over to Klipspringer and check it out!

Because I love to know about the origins of a story from the writer’s perspective, I thought I would share some notes about this story with you.

Spoiler Alert: There are spoilers in the story notes below. So if you want to read the story with fresh eyes check it out first at Klipspringer before reading the notes.

About ‘Honey & Rye’

I was in the shower and the first line of this story popped into my head: ‘We grew fat on honey’. It’s weird when that happens, when something pops into your head out of nowhere. But it wasn’t nowhere was it? There were a million different things buzzing through my head at the time and they all combined into this single, tasty line.

The first person to introduced me to the multiple first person perspective was Aimee Bender, one of my favourite writers, in her short story ‘Appleless’. If you haven’t read it, you should. Like…now. It’s in her fantastic short story collection ‘The Color Master’.

I love the multiple first person perspective because I find it lends itself beautifully to a fairytale story with an almost chilling, slightly sinister undertone.

Once I had the first line I just sat down and the rest of it poured out; thick and golden, sweet and yeasty. I was pleased with the results.

I see a lot of fairy tale re-tellings happening out there in the writing world and although I can’t knock them (because who doesn’t love a good classic?) I still feel as though writing our own new fairy tales is important. I personally prefer to read (and write) new fairy tales and I wish there were more out in the world (again Aimee Bender does an excellent job of this).

Finally, a lovely person online and some people in one of my writing groups suggested this would make a good illustrated story or animated short and I would love to see that happen. If there are any artists out there interested let me know! I’m not really sure how collaborations like that happen, but I thought I’d put the idea out there anyway.


I Believe in Story

ImageA month or so ago I made a list of my goals as a writer beyond actually you know…writing books and stories. One of my goals was to spread myself out a little and write for a couple other places online. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a call for contributors for the beautiful writing site ‘I Believe in Story’.

I Believe in Story is a fantastic blog that features writing advice, book reviews, movie reviews, character studies and even literary fashion articles run by literary agent Maria Vicente.

So I filled out my application and a week or so later I was pleased as punch to be accepted as a new contributor!

I will now be posting about once a week on I Believe in Story while I continue on here at Happy Musings as well.

You can head over to I Believe in Story right now to see my first blog post, a review of ‘The Color Master’ by Aimee Bender.

Do you believe in story?  I sure do!

Happy reading!