I Believe in Story

ImageA month or so ago I made a list of my goals as a writer beyond actually you know…writing books and stories. One of my goals was to spread myself out a little and write for a couple other places online. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a call for contributors for the beautiful writing site ‘I Believe in Story’.

I Believe in Story is a fantastic blog that features writing advice, book reviews, movie reviews, character studies and even literary fashion articles run by literary agent Maria Vicente.

So I filled out my application and a week or so later I was pleased as punch to be accepted as a new contributor!

I will now be posting about once a week on I Believe in Story while I continue on here at Happy Musings as well.

You can head over to I Believe in Story right now to see my first blog post, a review of ‘The Color Master’ by Aimee Bender.

Do you believe in story?  I sure do!

Happy reading!