Oh to be a clown!

Oh to be a clown!
By: Star Spider

Oh to be a clown!
To stand, not bow before the king,
to point in jest,
at the ridiculous stature of time,
and its pompous sweeps and swirls.
To unravel all the intricacies,
to reduce, reassemble and reveal,
the absurd delusion we intrinsically suffer.
To laugh where we all cry,
in the face of the unimaginable, the vast, the endless.
To speak the truth where we all lie,
in the face of those we revere, adore and fear.
To slap, slip, slop, burp, fuck, fart, shit, sing, tickle, giggle, dare, dance, dream, do.
To hold the world’s joy tight,
as it tries to wriggle free,
as it squirms, shakes, shivers and wails, tortured and alive.

Oh to be a clown!
To wear the nose, the mask, the face,
of the hundreds who have come before,
who will never come again.
To weep tears of red and blue,
that fill our rivers and our hearts.
To hold sacred our ludicrous childhood memories as they slowly slip away.
To rip open painted skin, day after day after day.
To empty out more and more,
balloons, streamers, handkerchiefs, riddles, questions, answers, laughter, lightness, love.
To keep our smiles tucked away in boundless pockets,
piles and piles of our red lips, white teeth, grinning and full.
To undo the done,
rescue the weak,
conquer the kingdom.
To give away eyes, nose, ears, wings, fingers, heart, lungs, magic, grace, arms, legs, hands, life.

Oh to be a clown!
Clap if you believe in fairies.
Laugh if you believe in clowns.