Hey you…get back to work!

Being as this is a post about procrastination (and getting over it), perhaps I should just get straight to the point…

Star’s rules for kicking procrastination’s butt:


If I’m really in the mood to procrastinate I will use anything as an excuse.  A piece of paper out of place on the desk?  Must put it away!  An extra pen just sitting there, staring at me?  Drawer for you little pen!  In order to illustrate my point (so you know I am not BSing) above is a picture of my desk.  See how clean and smooth?  Now that’s a desk that gets things done.

Or just go out

If your desk is too covered in crap to even be bothered with, the next option is to just go out.  Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to give you the boost to go ahead and do whatever pressing thing you’re avoiding.

Listen to music

Seems counter intuitive doesn’t it?  Well it’s not.  Music can be an inspiration and can motivate you to get moving.  Think of it as an audio reward for the awesome job you are about to do.


I know I say this a lot, but there’s nothing better for you than exercise (except maybe air and certain foods).  Pump yourself up for the job ahead with a good speedy walk or run or Tae Bo session.

Set a time or work limit

Organize your work into small chunks or set a timer.  At each interval reward yourself with a stroll around the room, a fresh glass of water or some fresh air (avoid rewarding yourself with chocolate or candy, you’ll thank me later).  Knowing you have a limit makes things easier to handle and breaking them into small pieces makes it easier to digest.

Be accountable

We’re lucky, we have clients and we’re accountable to them so if the work doesn’t get done and fast we loose clients and starve.  The same can’t be said for my writing.  Currently I’m not accountable to anyone so everything is pretty loosey goosey.  So what I always try to do is make myself accountable to Ben.  If I tell him I’m working on a story then I feel like I ought to finish so he can read it.  Instant motivation!
Give yourself a deadline

This ties in with accountability thing, but don’t loose your mind if you miss your deadline.  It doesn’t mean you’re a massive failure as a human being, it probably means you just need to be more realistic with yourself, that or you need to get cracking.

Get on it

The easiest way to beat procrastination is to just do it.  I promise you, it’s a hundred times easier than you think AND a million times better than having the thing hanging over your head.  So let’s rock and roll, stop reading this immediately and get to work!

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