What makes me fume?


I love lists, so here’s a list of things that make me angry:

Animal abuse
Misunderstandings that could be solved with a word
Extremism (of any kind)
Parents who shouldn’t be parents
Reverse sexism
When people sit next to you on the subway even though it’s empty
Unrealistic expectations
Passive aggressiveness (just say it out loud)
Lack of forward thinking
Lack of critical thinking
Rob Ford
Global warming
Computer trouble shooting
The fact that there are homeless people (capitalism again?)
Stupid mistakes
Religious sanctimoniousness
Religion in general
People who say one thing and then do another
The fact that we publicly fund Catholic schools
Badly written shows/movies/books that ought to be good
Man of Steel
Stephen Harper
The fact that we call the anti-abortion movement ‘pro-life’ as if to suggest pro-choice people are against life
Those dog choke chains with spikes on them (animal abuse again?)
Choke chains in general
Cults (religion, manipulators and psychopaths all in one!)
When people compare science and religion

I could go on I’m sure, but I think that’s enough to give you a pretty good idea…

How about you?  What makes you fume?

* * *

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