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It can and has happened at any time and anything can spark it…i might be on the streetcar or walking by the Greenwood Park dog park, in the shower or lying in bed (waiting for sleep to come)…i may overhear someone calling their dog—“Murder” or “Chocolate”—no this hasn’t actually happened-although i have heard someone call “Laverne!” and “Shirley!”, but this got me thinking too about the names for dogs or even cats—really there are no limits to what you can you can name your pet or even your boat.. .are there(?) and thinking of cats, i’ve overheard and i have written about this too…my neighbours’ cat moving around in its’ litter box…and while riding the streetcar and here’s something else i’ve written about—i once saw a guy walking on Carlton near Yonge pick up a cigarette butt and put it between his lips…so, like i said anything can set my brain in motion and start writing…even those many random thoughts that flit and wander through my mind on my many sleepless nights—like “the minions in “Despicable Me” look like yellow pills or tic tacs or “i’m glad Brad Rutter” won on “Jeopardy!” over Ken Jennings or maybe a purple-people eater only eats purple people…

Having these many thoughts wandering around in my mind is the reason why i carry more than a few pens and paper (you never know when a pen may run out of ink—i’ve written about this too) around with me at all times much to the annoyance and curiosity of friends, family, acquaintances and total strangers since i don’t have a handheld device or portable laptop i can tote around with me (and a lousy memory) because with me i never necessarily know when i may see, (over)hear or think about something that may get my brain going on a tangent (and believe you/me once i go off on one of my tangents, they’re not easy to stop)…


plm sagara was born and raised in the wilds of TO. Her obsessions include writing, monkeys, perfectionism and “Jeopardy!” She longs for the day when she can move to somewhere in outer space like Ganymede or Io.


Call for Submissions: Inspiration Series


Inspiration is a fascinating thing.  Sometimes it comes in waves, sometimes in a steady stream.  Some people have complete control over it while others personify it as a fickle muse, appearing and disappearing as it wants, on its own schedule.  With the launch of the Inspiration Series I’m looking for personal stories of writer’s inspiration.  I want to understand the creative process from an individual perspective and to explore the similarities and differences in the experience of writing inspiration.

I’m seeking essays, anecdotes, personal stories or poetry that elucidate the moment of inspiration.  I want to hear about your process, feelings, theories, personifications, struggles and victories in the realm of inspiration.


Here’s how it will work:

1) You submit!
2) I’ll start the series and post a new writer’s piece every Monday (to offer inspiration for the week ahead) until all the submissions have been posted (or people stop sending me submissions).  I will post them in the order they have been received.
3) All submissions will be posted at (the Happy Musings blog) and I’ll tweet each post with the hashtag #museinspirationseries from my twitter account @MusingStar.
4) Upon completion of the series I’ll create a summary post where I discuss the series and link all the posts in a table of contents.

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: E-mail submissions in the body of the message (no attachments please) to: madamspider at gmail dot com with the subject line: Inspiration Series.

Content: Please include your submission with a title (max 1000 words), your bio (max 100 words) and any links to twitter, websites/blogs & facebook you want to include.  Also note that it is limited to one post per writer.

Rights:  You retain all rights to your words at all times.  Your submission will technically count as a guest post on the Happy Musings blog.

Payment:  Unfortunately this is an non-paying gig, however I will be including your bio and links in the post, so hopefully that can send some traffic your way!

Rejections/editing:  There are no rejections here!  I will be reading every piece first and correcting any grammatical errors, but other than that I want your pure, unadulterated thoughts and feelings on your own well-springs of inspiration.

Why:  I love inspiration and creativity and I find it fascinating.  I love talking to other writers about their process and the moments that initiate their acts of creation.  I have heard inspiration described in so many ways and I love the almost spiritual nature of it.  Because of all this and my ongoing desire to inspire people to be creative I wanted to provide a place for people to muse about their muses and collectively explore our shared moments of inspiration.

I look forward to reading your words!